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Palmetto Properties, LLC

Is a family-owned and operated real estate development company that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of two generations. Founded by David and Tanya Coffey, who have successful careers outside of real estate development, the company is dedicated to creating unique and efficient residential and commercial spaces. Their vision was born during a lunch at Popes Cafe, one of Shelbyville’s most well-known restaurants, located in the picturesque square of Shelbyville, TN. Fueled by the desire to meet the demands of the fast-growing community of Shelbyville and Bedford County, Tanya and David created Palmetto Properties LLC to offer budget-friendly properties that are well-designed and cater to different needs. Since 2014, the company has steadily and consistently grown its holdings, and it now offers a diverse range of properties, including single-family homes, duplexes, and commercial office and retail space for lease. Palmetto Properties LLC prides itself on delivering exceptional service and creating long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Meet The Team

David Coffey

Chief Executive Officer

David Coffey, Co-Founder and CEO of Palmetto Properties, draws from his 28-year career in the transportation, logistics, and warehousing industry to identify, acquire, and repurpose properties for the company. With a focus on preserving the original character and architecture of existing structures while integrating modern technology and building materials, David is passionate about harmoniously blending old and new. He enjoys spending time with his dogs, preparing for hunting season, and working on the farm when he’s not exploring properties. Discover how David’s expertise and passion can help bring your property development dreams to life.

Tanya Coffey

President Of Design

As the Co-Founder and President, Tanya also leads our design team at Palmetto Properties. She brings over 25 years of experience as a successful interior designer serving both residential and commercial markets. Her expertise in new construction and refurbishment is evident in the thousands of projects she has completed in the Middle Tennessee area. Tanya is also the president of Dwell Fine Interiors and Design, LLC, where she works passionately to make her clients’ dream projects a reality. Her creative design talent, attention to detail, and ability to stay within budget make her an invaluable team member at Palmetto Properties. When not working on design projects, Tanya enjoys traveling, gardening, and preparing meals with fresh herbs and vegetables grown in her own garden. She is also a loving dog mom to Gracie, Edie, Heidi, and Rio. Visit her retail space on the square or at http://www.dwellfineinteriors.com.

Charlie Coffey

Director of Operations

Charlie brings a wealth of experience in both domestic and international operations to his role as Director of Operations at Palmetto Properties. With a passion for developing simple and efficient processes, he has helped small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies source and transport products around the world. Charlie’s expertise lies in leveraging technology to enhance operations, and he takes great pride in incorporating innovative solutions into Palmetto’s facilities.” He is also committed to streamlining the leasing process to make it as user-friendly as possible for clients. When not working, Charlie enjoys hitting the gym, hunting, exploring new trails on his side-by-side, or spending time with his loyal companion, Cam.

Allie Coffey

Director of Marketing and Social Media

At Palmetto Properties, we are fortunate to have Allie as our Director of Marketing and Social Media. With a wealth of experience in the retail, finance, and residential mortgage industry, she brings extensive knowledge of marketing and social media to the table. Her expertise lies in developing and executing effective marketing campaigns and social media strategies that connect great people with appropriate company. Allie is passionate about helping our clients find the perfect space that meets their specific needs. When she’s not busy making connections, you can find her hiking, working out, enjoying a glass of wine while spinning some old vinyl, or spending time with her faithful Great Dane, Preacher.